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Secret Shield Encryption

Secret Shield Encryption Secret Shield Encryption Software is a powerful encryption program to securely e Secret Shield Encryption Software is a powerful encryption program to securely encrypt text and files keeping them from from prying eyes. Secret Shield Encryption Protect your files, text eMails and documents, etc. Secret Shield Encryption uses public/private-key encryption that can encrypt any type of file from picture, Word documents and even executables. Our encryption program offers eight different algorithms to choose and offers password pro

Files Encryption Program 8.3.00: Download Folder encryptor software online to protect important files or folders
Files Encryption Program 8.3.00

encryption program provides ternary protections with folders and brings data security to higher level. Folder encryptor application hides hidden even under safe mode or pure DOS. Document protector tool locks folder and secure from unintentional rename, copy, edit and deletion. Folder encryptor software enable user to protect private or business sensitive data from malicious and unintentional harm. Professional files protection program provides safest

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LTFCrypt 1.1: Learn step by step, an easy way to build your own file encryption program in C++
LTFCrypt 1.1

Would you like to use C++ to build your own file encryption program? This real-world example source code package contains a fully functional program that encrypts and decrypts text or binary files. This is an easy way for you to learn how to use Visual C++ with LibTomCrypt, a public domain and an ISO C cryptography library, to build your own file encryption program.

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Dekart Private Disk Multifactor 2.00: Disk encryption software that secures data on laptops, USB disks and more.
Dekart Private Disk Multifactor 2.00

encryption software is compatible with virtually any version of Windows, including the latest 64-bit releases of Windows XP and Windows 2003. The encryption program`s mobility allows it to be used in conjunction with a broad range of portable media, for instance: USB flash drives,external hard disks, flash memory cards, DVDs, or digital MP3 players, such as the iPod. Private Disk Multifactor becomes a true USB disk encryption program, as it can be

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Encrypt4all 1.0: Encrypt your private documents to single encrypted archive
Encrypt4all 1.0

Encryption Utility. This Program is a powerful encryption program used to store your private documents into a single encrypted archive. Encryption is done via password input , The encrypted archive is shown as a *.e4a file. To extract contents , user must supply the correct password Features: ------------ - The program is freeware. - The program is easy to use. - Unlike most similar applications, Encrypt4all implements a real bit-per-bit data encryption

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Emsa EZ Encryption Tool 1.0.46: Emsa EZ Encryption Tool - Freeware Encryption tool for Windows
Emsa EZ Encryption Tool 1.0.46

EMSA EZ Encryption Tool is a simple encryption program for Windows which uses the Blowfish algorithm to encrypt files or text chunks. This algorithm is a strong encryption algorithm using a private key, therefore keeping your data safe. The program also provides standard Base64 encoding and decoding with encryption or as a separate function. Freeware for Windows.

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Armor System5 2.2.2

Armor System5 is a professional, easy-to-use encryption program for everyone who is serious about data security. The program includes three modules: File Encryption Module, Text Encryption Module (with built-in word processor), and Email Encryption Module. Each module takes a full advantage of the 40 industry-standard encryption algorithms and eliminates the need of user management of encryption keys.

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